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Cryptocurrency is a world that is new to many, and it’s also one that can provide many great opportunities. Many people have already earned a lot of money from it, and it’s about time you did too. It’s all about making the right decisions to get the outcome that you want. You might have just heard of Bitcoin, or be well-versed in other coins, but here we’ll go through exactly what it is.

What is cryptocurrency?

Despite it appearing only recently in the news stories, cryptocurrency has been around for around 10 years now and was developed due to the financial crash that happened around that time. It foresaw a future where we no longer have to rely on the banks that were so pivotal in a crash that affected billions of people. The aim was to develop an online currency what wouldn’t be affected by such things.

It started with Bitcoin, but there are now a whole range of currencies out there which can all have dramatic changes in price for various reasons. They all offer different advantages such as faster processing speeds and increased security or increased privacy. By using an online wallet, you can hold this cryptocurrency and use it to buy goods or trade for other currencies. It’s another step in the direction of a world without cash.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin started the cryptocurrency revolution which is why it’s by far the most well-known digital currency today. Not only is it the most well-known, but it is also by far the biggest in terms of both its overall value with its market cap and also its coin price. It is the flagship currency in the industry and has set the benchmark for others to follow.

There are now a number of different currencies which can all have dramatic changes in price, and they all offer slightly different things in such ways as transaction speeds, security and privacy. Via the use of online wallets owners can make purchases or trade for new currencies. It is a new way of thinking about money without having to rely on banks or carrying cash.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is by a long way the biggest cryptocurrency with an extremely high market cap and coin price. It is the leader of the industry and sets the standard for others to follow. It is the one that makes all the headlines and the name that most recognize.

When people see Bitcoin, they immediately trust it more than others as it’s a name they recognize. All of the currencies on the market have either come directly from Bitcoin, used their basic code or simply been made as a challenger for it. Bitcoin is still the market leader and will be for some time to come, and it’s still the coin that most people want to invest in.

Bitcoin exchanges

As Bitcoin is still the most well-known currency on the market, it’s still the one that most people want to invest in above any other. An exchange will allow you to trade on the value of Bitcoin and buy and sell it using different altcoins and fiat currencies. An exchange will pair up buyers and sellers as with a traditional stock exchange and then once you have your Bitcoin, you can use them in any way that you wish.

Cryptocurrency exchanges

This is like a Bitcoin exchange, except with a greater focus on the whole range of coins. They can all have big changes in price and using those rises and falls for your own advantage can earn a lot of money. Here you can exchange one cryptocurrency for another and gives you a platform to made trading decisions. On its basic principle, it’s not different from trading traditional stocks and shares where hopefully you can take advantage of the prices for your own gain